LOOK: This Filipino couple went to Japan and recreated popular anime scenes

Toff Cagape | Oct 24, 2017
Anime shows recreated
Image Credit: Gomer Santos

A Filipino couple travelled to Japan and visited the popular landmarks featured in various anime shows. Netizen Gomer Santos shared on DIY Travel Philippines’ page the snapshots of his trip to Japan with his fiance. Gomer shared that his fiance is a big anime fan so they went to Japan’s famous spots and recreated scenes from well-loved anime films and television series.

The couple went to Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Mt. Fuji and Tokyo. They recreated scenes from Your Name, Detective Conan, among others. See the snapshots below:

Images by: Gomer Santos

What is your favorite Hero TV anime that you want to be recreated too in real life? 

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