This anime character can become your companion in real life

Toff Cagape | Sep 25, 2017
Get to know the avatar Hikari.
Image Courtesy: Gatebox YouTube

Did you ever dream of interacting with an anime character in real life? In Japan, that was made possible by an inventor and Vinclu Inc. founder named Minori Takechi.

Minori created a miniskirt-wearing avatar called Hikari - a holographic character that lives inside a glass cylinder called Gatebox. Hikari can hold a basic conversation, remind you of your to do’s for the day and send you message whenever you’re away from home. She can also perform various tasks at home. The avatar has a bluetooth and infrared data communication technology to aid it in understanding it’s owner’s life.

Mr. Takechi envisioned of creating a device that could not only perform machine-related tasks but could also connect with humans in an emotional level so he created Hikari.

“My vision is a world where people can share their daily lives with their favorite fictional characters. We live in a time when all kinds of robots start making their way into our homes. But much of what you see now is inorganic and mechanical, and I doubt people will want to communicate with something like that,” he said in an interview with The Japan Times.

Hikari can only understand Japanese at the moment. It is priced at 298,000 yen or US$2,600.

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