Three tips for effective cosplaying according to Myrtle Sarrosa

Toff Cagape | Aug 31, 2017
Here are awesome cosplaying tips  Myrtle Sarrosa
Image Credit: @myrtlegail

Cosplaying was first introduced to the Philippines in 2010 through a convention called Anime Explosion held at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall. In 2011, two conventions were held called ArtFarm Asia (Cosplay Manila) and AXN Cosplay. Both were held again at SM Megamall. 

Since then, cosplaying has grown rapidly in the country. Filipino anime fans have embraced cosplaying as a hobby, as an artistic expression and as a way to showcase their love for anime characters. Popular cosplayers now in the Philippines include Alodia Gosiengfiao, Jeanne Japitana, Mayumi Gomez, among others. My Hero Nation and Hero Tambayan host Myrtle Sarrosa is also one of the most famous cosplayers well loved by many Filipinos.

Image Credit: @myrtlegail

Myrtle began cosplaying since she was a teenager and up until now, the Kapamilya star’s passion for it is still very palpable. Myrtle has inspired numerous aspiring cosplayers and most of them are curious about how to slay every character they portray just like her.

Image Credit: @myrtlegail

To address the queries of the fans, Hero TV asked the My Hero Nation and Hero Tambayan host about the effective tips to become a great cosplayer. Check Myrtle’s tips below:

1. Choose a character that you love

Myrtle: “Cosplaying is all about fun so basically when you cosplay you look at two things. One is how you perform the character and second is how to copy and make your own version of that character you love. So in order to become an effective cosplayer unang-una na kailangan mong gawin talaga is to choose a character that is close to your heart because when you cosplay hindi lang pwede na pumili ka lang ng any random character. It should be a character na gusto mong i-cosplay and somewhat that character is someone that you like. Malayo man ang personalities niyo or magkalapit, so pumili ka ng character na gustong-gusto mong gayahin and be passionate about it.”

2. Be creative in making your costume

Myrtle: “When you create a costume make sure na you are close to detail but you can also make your own version of it so kung nakita niyo na ‘yung iba’t ibang detalye ng costumes, you can either make a costume from what you have in your closet or try to be creative, imaginative or you can ask someone to create a costume for you. You can also make the costumes from scratch using the materials that you can find and it’s nice to recycle, it’s nice to find iba’t ibang materials na hindi mo akalaing kaya mo pa lang gamitin para gumawa ng costume. The key really is in making a costume is to become creative.”

3. Practice your poses

Myrtle: “When you are cosplaying the character, isa mo pang kailangan is to make sure na you research for the poses na gusto mong gawin. Effective cosplaying is not just about copying how they look but also making sure na you copy how they move and act as well. So kung meron silang special move or meron slang mga galaw na pwede mong gayahin, make sure to remember that and keep that in mind para when you go to conventions and meet different people from conventions and you meet photographers, you know how to pose in front of the camera.”

Make sure to follow these tips of Myrtle and be an amazing cosplayer just like her. With passion, hard work and love for the hobby, you will surely become the cosplayer that you always aspire you to be.

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