LOOK: College student creates a modern illustration of ‘Noli Me Tangere’

Toff Cagape | Nov 22, 2017
Noli Me Tangere cover reimagined
Image Credit: Facebook | Arts of Ran

A talented college student named Ran Carmona created a modernize version of Jose Rizal's classic novel "Noli Me Tangere". On his Facebook page "Arts of Ran", the graphic artist remarked that he wants to do an updated version of the cover to catch the interest of the younger generation.

"This is a novel/book that had played a great role in our nation's history written by our national Hero and so it’s only fitting to make an updated designs of its main characters that we Filipinos know. But this time I made them as if they were from this era," he said.

He added that he might produce it someday. "This is just a cover illustration and my modern interpretation of the characters from ‘Noli Me Tangere’. (Although it might be possible to make this into a book in the future given that I have funding and time to do it.). I just want to grab the interest of the young generation of Filipinos to be interested in reading it and have a new source material for this amazing novel that plays a great role in our history," he stated.

What do you think of his modern illustration ka-Hero?

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