This cosplayer incredibly transforms herself into your favorite online and movie characters

Toff Cagape | Oct 14, 2017
This cosplayer is awesome!
Image Credit: Facebook | @AlysonTabbithaOfficial

Cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha has set the online world abuzz because of her incredible transformations as the popular characters of our time. In a Facebook post, Alyson Tabbitha posted snapshots of herself as Justice League’s Wonder Woman, Pirate of the Caribbean's Captain Jack Sparrow and even as the Titan Girl of Attack on Titans, online game character Talon Widowmaker and Final Fantasy’s Vincent Valentine.

Alyson remarked that cosplaying is her way of artistic expression. “One thing I love about cosplay, is the creativity and all the artistic mediums I get to dabble in! It's so cool to me that one day I can be just normal me, then the next a Vampire, or Pirate or anything! Even if it's just pretending,” she wrote.

She also considers it as a quick escape from the realities of life and as a great platform to meet new friends. “Playing dress up, to get to be the characters we love for a day. It's a magical escape from our (sometimes harsh) realities. It's also a great way to meet friends that love the same things you do, and a great ice breaker,” she said.

Image Credit: Facebook | @AlysonTabbithaOfficial

Image Credit: Facebook | @AlysonTabbithaOfficial

Image Credit: Facebook | @AlysonTabbithaOfficial

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