This translation tool helps travelers communicate in Japan

Toff Cagape | Oct 04, 2017
Translation tool
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Heading to Japan? You might need this device!

A new tool that has the capacity to translate English, Japanese, and Chinese is now available in Japan. Created by Logbar, ili helps travelers communicate with non-English speakers. Ordering your food in a restaurant or shopping in a mall in Tokyo? Ili will help you do those things without having to worry about the language barrier.

"It can translate as fast as 0.2 seconds without any internet connection. By making it a one-way translator, user satisfaction improved greatly, and people were willing to use it more frequently," Logbar CEO Takuro Yoshida said in the introductory video of the product's YouTube channel. 

It took two years before the device became available in the market. Since it was released, a lot of travelers did not have to worry communicating when traveling.

"There are already many people using ili in Japan. It makes me happiest when the users tell me their trips wouldn't have been the same without ili. ili made their trips more enjoyable and convenient. My hope is to create a future in which more people all around the world will have the ability to use ili," Mr. Yoshida said.

Watch the video HERE:

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