5 Awesome Trivia that you should know about ‘Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F'

Toff Cagape | Oct 21, 2017
Trivia about  ‘Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F'
Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F poster

Many Hero TV fans are elated after it was announced that Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F will be shown in the anime channel. Growing up, the anime series played a big role in shaping the hearts and minds of this generation’s anime lovers. Hence, getting a new chance to watch a new story out of the well-loved series through a feature film has been an exciting moment for Hero TV fans.

But before you glue your eyes on TV, here are five awesome trivia about this Dragon Ball feature film that you need to know:  

1. Writer Akira Toriyama wrote the movie’s concept after being inspired by the song “F” by Japanese band Maximun The Hormone.

2. It is the directorial debut of Tadayoshi Yamamuro who used to be a character and animation designer in the past Dragon Ball shows.

3. The theme song of the film is sang by Momorio Clover Z, the same band which performed the theme song for the Pokemon movie in 1997 and the Sailor Moon feature film in 2014.

4. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ is the only anime film based on a television show and the only TOEI Animation movie that got a “80%” fresh score from Rotten Tomatoes.

5. Akira Toriyama reportedly planned to resurrect Cell too but the writer chose not to pursue the plan thinking that there are too many characters already and that he would rather focus on Freeza’s story.


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