Five Spots in Japan for anime fans

Toff Cagape | Jul 20, 2017
Visit these places in Japan if you are an anime fan
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Five Spots that you should visit in Japan if you are an Anime fan

Japan is not only a grand destination for delicious food, superb theme parks and mesmerizing landscapes. The country is also a haven for anime shows, manga and video games. The anime culture in Japan is massive and any fan will definitely have the time of his life exploring this eclectic city. If you are planning to travel to Japan and a big anime fan, here are five places you must visit:

1. J Tokyo World


This place is packed with unique and fun attractions inspired by popular anime shows like One Piece, Dragon Ball and Naruto. There are rides, arcades, shops and an anime-themed kitchen for the whole family and friends to enjoy. Tokyo World is located at Sunshine City Convention Center.  

2.  Pokemon Center


This is a specialty store that sells Pokemon video games, merchandise and card games. Pokemon Center is located in 11 locations but Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo is the most popular one. If you are a Pokemon lover, this shop is the first place you must visit when you arrive in Japan! Pokemon Center Tokyo is located at Sunshine City Alpa. 

3. Akihibara Tokyo


This place in Japan is the shopping mecca not only of manga and toys but also of gadgets. It also the ultimate destination for cafes and arcade centers. This is one of the best spots in Japan and a trip to this superb location will totally be worth your while. Akihibara is a district in Central, Tokyo.

4. Ghibli Museum


If you are an anime and an art lover at the same time, Ghibli Museum is the perfect place to visit. This museum showcases the works of renowned Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibili. The museum displays the art and technique of animation utilize by the studio. The museum also hold special exhibitions. Ghibli Museum is located at Inokashira Park in Mitaka, in Tokyo, Japan.

5. Kyoto International Manga Museum


This elementary school turned museum houses around 300,000 comic books. The museum holds both historical and contemporary comic books according to your interest. The museum is proof to the rich manga culture of the country. Kyoto International Manga Museum is located at Karasume Oike, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan.