Voltes V's 40th anniversary to be celebrated in the Philippines this December

Toff Cagape | Oct 11, 2017
Voltes V 40th anniversary celebration
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One of the first anime shows which captured the hearts of many kids and kids at heart was Voltes V. This year, the well-loved series turned 40 and to celebrate the momentous milestone, an event is set to be held on December 10 in Manila.

The Philippines was reportedly chosen for the celebration because of the anime’s popularity in the country. According to, Voltes V earned an audience rating of 58% when it was broadcasted in the country.

Voltes V was first shown in the Philippines in 1978. Even in its rerun in 1999, the series was still patronized by many anime fans. Hero TV also had a celebrity dubbed version of Voltes V with Michael de Mesa, Dennis Trillo, Joseph Bitangcol, Jet Pangan and Sandara Park.

Exciting event awaits the attendees of Voltes V's 40th anniversary celebration in Manila. It is reported that there will be a run and a karaoke competition during the event. More to that, Horie Mitsuko who was part of "Song of Voltes V" will participate in the event.

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