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Great Escape

Indulge in art and food at Baumaniere Les Baux De Provence in France, bask in the breath taking views a lake-side resort sitting in the shadow of the New Zealand mountains, and take some time to live amongst the wildlife of Botswana at Sanctuary Baines.

Great Escapes

Experience true Irish history dating back 400 years at Ballyfin, discover medieval secrets at the Romantik Markestrum in Germany, and experience ocean side luxury at Titilaka Lodge in Peru.

Booze Traveler

A rolling party, bikers, superfood cocktails, samba superstar, sun, and sand.

Booze Traveler

Maharaja moonshine, call center happy hour, and the worst hangover cure.

Lazy Chef

Simon Lamont explores Kilkenny, he has a go at fly-fishing and prepares a stuffed trout dish. He then takes a trip to the market to explore the street food scene that is thriving in the city, and rustles up Asian duck noodles

Lazy Chef

Simon Lamont returns to his home city of Dublin to explore the social food movement that is taking over the capital. To celebrate, he decides to host his own pop-up supper club for his friends and family, making a mix and match brunch that deconstructs breakfast favourites, along with a trio of burgers

Neill Anthony: Private Chef

The Executive Director of an international property empire, Sandy Geffen invites Neil to create a memorable dinner party at her magnificent home in the leafy Johannesburg. Neill’s mom is also invited to the celebrations and we see how Neill reacts to cooking for his one of his biggest critics and source of many of his cooking inspirations, his mom...

Neill Anthony: Private Chef

Barbara Lenhard, co-owner of Opulent Living – the brand for the finer things in life, calls on Neill to dazzle her girl-friends with a dinner at the beautiful Tulip House. Catering for people who are used to only the very best may intimidate most, but for Neill it’s all in a day’s work and he’s certain that even the most discerning of diners will enjoy his menu.

Fitness First Class

Fitness First Class” is the highest quality series in the fitness genre ever produced. Each episode is shot in magnificent locations as Camps Bay in South Africa, the Riviera in Croatia, a luxury resort in Crete, the island of Ibiza in Spain and so on... The trainers on camera are all very experimented professionals. They are also very good looking, which is always a plus for your audience.

Bolly Fit

BollyFit is the Veria TV fitness series which combines aerobics with Bollywood dancing. Bollywood films are full of bright, elaborate and energetic dance scenes that draw inspiration their traditional dancing, and now you can have the same fun and excitement while getting a killer workout.

Fit Fix

Sculpting and strengthening your back comes with a long list of benefits such as improve posture. Many people are guilty of sitting infront of their laptops for hours working out your back helps prevent lower back pain, balances your core, and get that V-Shape body that we all want. These are five exercises that will help strengthen and condition your back muscles.

New Fitness Collection

“New fitness collection” a new fitness series that will make you sweat! Be prepared for more than 30 hours of training of different intensities and specialties. Whether you like intense Kickboxing and Cardio training or relaxing Yoga and Pilates sessions, this series is made to please all kind of audiences. It also features one of the best pregnancies and prenatal training sessions.

Metabeats Season 2

metabeats is an engaging one-hour fitness show that demonstrates 4 sets of 4-minute cardiovascular and muscular exercises that anyone can follow.

Chasing Flavors

Filipino artist and chef goes around the Philippines chasing the different flavors of distincltly Filipino dishes.