Star Magic Ball Rule Breakers

Stan Castillo | Oct 02, 2017
Biggest event of the year Star Magic Ball 25th Anniversary
The stars who didn't disappoint us who walked the red carpet!

Star Magic’s finest came together last September 30th for the annual black and white Star Magic Ball. This year happens to be the 25th celebration of the talent management agency, and we all know that means a grander celebration, and an even more glamorous red carpet runway.

The stars definitely did not disappoint. While there might have been the showstoppers played by the rules of black and white, there are a number of stars that chose to shine in a different color.

Were you able to see these rule breakers who looked equally stunning and gorgeous even if they weren’t dressed in theme?

Hosts Tim and Kate pointed out during the program that they were able to spot courageous artists who chose to forgo the theme and instead make a fashion statement.

Daniel Padilla is one of them. In an interview with Red Carpet host Gretchen Ho, Daniel explained that he wasn’t in dress code. He proudly sported a velvet plum suit by Paulo Lazaro, which he paired with a pair of glasses. When asked about his choice of attire, La Luna Sangre actor Daniel answered saying, “I like dark colors. Ang lakas makabampira.” This was definitely a look that Kathryn approved when she described her date in 3 phrases saying, “unique pairing suit with glasses, handsome as usual, and very him.”

Another similar star in a rule-breaking suit, Gerald Anderson arrived in velvet-like deep purple. Wearing Joey Espiritu, Gerald attended the ball for the second year with Bea Alonzo in Monique Lhuillier.

Kristine Hermosa- Sotto is another name added to the list of star that walked the red carpet in anything but black and white. She wore a dark blue lacey Edwin Tan dress alongside her husband Oyo Boy Sotto.

Lastly there’s our very own Modern Girl host, Denise Laurel. She glistened in a gray ball gown by Michael Cinco with her dapper looking son Buki in Rajo Laurel.

These stars might have broken the rules in the name of fashion, but they still came out on top of their game with their dazzling looks and eye-catching attires. Which is your favorite?

Want to see the red carpet runway again? Don’t forget to tune in to Lifestyle for the replays. Take a look back, get inspired and recreate the looks yourself!