Creating Your Own Pub Crawl

Stan Castillo | Aug 23, 2017
Creating Your Own Pub Crawl
Tons of alcohol + lots of bars + large group of friends = ?

Add your overworked self to the equation, and what have you got? Seemingly, something that could be a crazy catastrophe in the making! But any fun night out drinking with friends doesn’t have to be one big black out tragedy!

We’ve got the recipe you need to concoct the best Pub Crawl, minus the mess and the drama. Here are the ingredients you need to make a memorable night, that’s a sure knock out!

A Roundabout Route

Let’s be realistic, no one can get to tons of bars without passing out mid way. So get smart! Pick the best and closest bars you want to visit, and make sure you’ve got your course through the night all figured out. Remember no one is driving drunk for the night, so make sure that wherever it is you’re going, you can count on your feet to take you there.

Clear Communication

You’ve got the plan, and now it’s time to spread the word! Let your friends know if there are any rules they have to follow, buddy systems they need to remember, and timetables you all have to be after. Aside from that, let the bars know how many people they will expect, or if there are any possible pre-orders. You wouldn’t want time to be wasted on waiting when you’re all pumped to have a good time!

Positive Pacing

Make way for good vibes and good times. A Pub Crawl isn’t a competition. Look at it more like a marathon than a race. You want everyone to get through the finish line all buzzed, rather than blacked-out. Pace yourself when following the planned path. That means pay attention to how long you stay per bar, and how many beers you or your companions may be taking. Have fun but stay responsible! 

Sum all of these together and you’ve got the formula for a Pub Crawl to remember!