Meet Coach Tony Mac

Alodie Co | Sep 07, 2017
Meet Coach Tony Mac
Here are a few things you should know about your new Lifestyle TV Fitspiration!

1. He’s a professional bodybuilder  

See that bod? You’re in good hands as long as you follow what he says. He'll be competing once again this November, so make sure to wish him a big good luck! ;)  

2. He understand the challenges of working out 

“Never look at loss as defeat, but as a tool to mold us to be stronger.” Definitely a #fitspiration we can look up to. 💯🙌🏻

3. His posts on Facebook and Instagram will make you CRAVE healthy food

We all dread the word “diet,” but not Coach Tony Mac. In fact, he makes his own healthy food and it looks D👏🏻E👏🏻L👏🏻I👏🏻S👏🏻H.

4. He is God-confident


5. He’s a loving husband and a new dad!

You’ve probably fallen in love with both Coach Tony Mac’s tough side and sweet side, but here’s the sad news, gals. Coach Tony Mac’s happily married to an equally fit wife, and we're loving their new baby, Asher! <3

Don’t worry, though! You might not get Coach Tony’s heart, but you’ll still get that sexy dream body because…..

5. He’s your new fit coach every Sunday at 6:30 AM! 

Get to know him more on Fit Fix, only on Lifestyle TV!