The Many Powers of Piolo Pascual

Stan Castillo | Aug 14, 2017
The Many Powers of Piolo Pascual
Piolo's pick of poison, also his superpower?

Aside from his ability to hypnotize us with his looks, drop our jaws with his stare, and get our hearts beating fast with his acting, Piolo’s got another superpower you might not know yet! Any guesses? 

You’d think this would be his kryptonite, but to Piolo, a beer and tons of it, is nothing at all! While drinking buddy Robi says he’s an expert at making red wine disappear, Piolo shares that he can finish not 20, but maybe 24 bottles of beer. Now that’s a lot for his fit body to take!

We aren’t shocked though! After seeing how much of it he could chug down along with the massive amounts of food during his first food crawl to Osaka, it’s been proven that Piolo’s got the stomach any drinker or foodie would want to have. 

Not too convinced? Then take it from Robi who swears that The Crawl Poblacion is a testimony to “Piolo’s tolerance and godly powers” when it comes to beers! 

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