VIRAL: 5 reasons why this Grandparents’ Day video made us cry and “atat” to hug our Lolos and Lolas tighter

Alodie Co | Sep 07, 2017
VIRAL: 5 reasons why this Grandparents’ Day video made us cr
We suggest you bring out your tissues and call your lolo and lola's now! 😢

During Grandparents’ Day, it’s almost always expected to see videos that tell the emotional bond between the grandparents and their grandchildren. Everyone’s doing it until this heartwarming “prequel” to grandparenting came along!

Entitled “Atat” (overly eager), this made-for-digital video is the third installment of the #SMmoments series from the country’s biggest mall network, SM Supermalls that aims to tell some of the most memorable family moments that happen inside the SM malls through videos. As of press time, “Atat” has garnered over 2 MILLION VIEWS on Facebook alone and even gained positive reviews from several foreign vloggers on YouTube. 

But what really made this feel-good yet very heartwarming story so endearing to Filipino families online? Let’s break it down!

1. It’s something fresh!

While others chose to tell the usual grandparents-grandchildren narrative, this video focused to highlight on the joyful anticipation and that indescribable delight that Lolos and Lolas feel when they finally learn that a new member of the family is coming! It’s a beautiful less-told prequel to the well-loved relationship that old folks have with the new generations of their clan.

The video made us realize that even before we were born, there was probably a pair of extremely excited grandparents who pined away, waiting and wishing for us to be born!

SM Supermalls’ Grandparents’ Day video, “Atat,” features a pair of overly eager grandparents, who in typical Pinoy fashion, are “nagging” their children to give them a grandchild.

2. The story is very Pinoy. 

While foreigners may consider the parents in the video as a little pushy, to us Filipinos, we know that our parents’ words and actions—no matter how seemingly strong they are—all come from a place of good intention. They loved raising us as their kids, so now they can’t wait for us to feel it too and, more importantly, for them to finally experience the happiness of being Lolos and Lolas.

In the funny and heartfelt clip, SM captures the touching moment when the eager parents find out that they’re going to be grandparents for the first time—and it’s nothing less than moving!

And it seems that SM Supermalls has already mastered telling touching Filipino family stories as proven by its past two “SM Moments” videos – “Tradition” last Mother’s Day and the most shared Father’s Day video on Facebook, “Daddy’s Girl.”

3. Age is but a number, and our parents/grandparents are still young-at-heart. 

One of the reasons that make this video so endearing is because it shows how our parents can be goofy and act like children themselves—begging for grandkids like a kid at a toy shop! They are so cute! 

SM Supermalls’ “Atat” was such a hit and spawned a series of memes created by no less than Facebook’s “Hugot Genius,” Design Pirate PH 

4. It highlights Filipinos love for family.

Family is everything to Filipinos, and as seen in every party and gathering, we cherish our big families and take great effort in nurturing the close bonds that we have with our loved ones. And as seen in the video, we often invite our parents out on dates to the mall just to spend time with them. Even when we grow up, we never forget to appreciate and show our love to our parents/ elders. 

Among the foreign vloggers who reviewed “Atat” was vlogger-couple HugKnucklesTV and HottSamn who have expressed their admiration to how “Family is everything” for Filipinos.

5. It made us miss our grandparents! 

Every birth is, indeed, a blessing and a great reason for celebration. But SM did an amazing job going even further by helping many of us realize that our Lolos and Lolas, even before we were even conceived, were already excited to see us! All of us have had fond memories spent with our grandparents, going to mall, having them buy a toy for us from the store, and doing a lot of fun stuff with them. And this video just makes us remember all of the good times. 

So this Grandparents’ Day on September 10, let’s set a special family reunion and show our Lolos and Lolas how much we love them too. Let’s celebrate and have a #DateWithLoloAndLolaAtSM!

Check out this link to know the many grand treats in store for us in our favorite SM Supermalls: