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Rick Stein's Long Weekend

Rick Stein heads north towards the Arctic Circle to explore the culinary delights of Reykjavik. A perfect winter break enriched with a smorgasbord of the best Iceland has to offer – succulent roast lamb, rye bread baked in volcanic sand, langoustine soup and, of course, his ongoing search for the perfect cod.

Casa Daza

Cooking Show featuring easy to do, no fail recipes that have been tried and tested in the Casa Daza kitchen.

Fixer Upper Season 1

Chip and Jo's client Carolyn Muska is rebuilding her life after losing her home and her husband. The Gaines show Carolyn three Fixer Uppers in her hometown of West, Texas, a tight-knit community still recovering a devastating fertilizer plant explosion that killed fifteen people and destroyed several homes, including Carolyn's.

Fixer Upper Season 1

Chip and Joanna Gaines are looking for a home in Northern Waco for clients Devon and Hannah Jonklaas. The Jonklaases want a home that offers lots of acreage and lots of bedrooms for their growing family. Devon, a biochemistry professor, would like to be closer to work and not too far Hannah, who's expecting their third child. Chip and Jo show them a range of fixer uppers each with its own unique style and challenge.


As the search for Dreamcatchers continues, Phil finds a way to pick some fresh coconuts on a paradise beach and Iva takes us through the mangroves in search of a fresh water creek. They leave the boat and travel inland to the majestic volcanic site of Lake Toba. Back on the water, they sail to the Telo group of islands and finally meet John and Belinda, who have raised their two children aboard their boat, The Barrenjoey, while conducting surf charters in Indonesia.


After stocking up in the chaotic city of Padang, Phil and Iva set sail to discover the best surf spot in Indonesia: the Mentawai islands. They meet Phil’s old friend Diego, who during seven years fought to bring his Surf Camp to life. Iva takes a tour of the permaculture efforts on the island, as Diego shares his dream of a sustainable agriculture. Phil and Iva follow the surfers to a world-famous break and meet Travis, a pro-surfer who quit his comfortable life at home to chase the waves all over the world.

G Diaries

G Diaries is Ms. Gina Lopez’s eco-travel show which will highlight the ecotourism sites in the Philippines. The show aims to inspire everyone with the stories of communities who are transformed being destroyers to defenders and protectors of the environment. It also covers everything about the inspiring and transformational travel stories showcasing the preservation and protection of our country's tourist gems.

Metabeats Season 2

metabeats is an engaging one-hour fitness show that demonstrates 4 sets of 4-minute cardiovascular and muscular exercises that anyone can follow.