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Casa Daza

Cooking Show featuring easy to do, no fail recipes that have been tried and tested in the Casa Daza kitchen.

Fixer Upper Season 1

Chip and Joanna Gaines are helping their client Dr. Marla Hendricks find a home in Waco for her and her new husband. These baby boomers fell in love later in life but are young at heart seeking a home that will fit their active lifestyle. Marla is a veterinarian and an ultra runner who wants to be near Cameron Park, an outdoor enthusiast's paradise and a great playground for her pets.

Fixer Upper Season 1

Chip and Joanna show Doug and Lacy three homes in their price point in the expensive Castle Heights neighborhood of Waco. This is an area known for big and to get in, they need to find the Fixer Upper. Once the family chooses, the Gaines design and rebuild their dream home: keeping all the old charm of this classic neighborhood while creating a brand new, upgraded home.


Phil and Iva arrive at the most remote island yet: Pulau Sanding. On this uninhabited piece of paradise, they are attacked by sandflies, lose all communication, and Iva has her first breakdown of the trip. As they set sail, trouble continues and their engine fails. A stop in the curious city of Bengkulu allows them to rest and recover before continuing to fight their way against the wind and the waves. At last, they reach a wildlife protection area South of Sumatra they meet Maria, a conservation specialist who re-introduces conflict tigers into nature.


Phil and Iva anchor their boat Dali in the imposing and world-famous Krakatau volcanic site. They climb the active volcano and are rewarded with the most breathtaking scenery of their trip. A stop in the busy capital of Jakarta allows them to fix their engine before setting sail for the island of Belitung. There, they go spearfishing and enjoy the underwater life one last time before reaching their final destination of Kuching, Borneo. It is time for them to reflect on their long journey around Indonesia, in an emotional conclusion to their epic voyage.

G Diaries

1-5 minuter short programs consisting of various lifestyle interests such as food, travel, events and crafts.

Metabeats Season 2

metabeats is an engaging one-hour fitness show that demonstrates 4 sets of 4-minute cardiovascular and muscular exercises that anyone can follow.

Rick Stein's Long Weekend

Rick Stein visits Lisbon on the banks of the River Tagus, a city in love with its seafood and possibly the best custard tarts in the world. The culinary effects of Portugal's historic explorations are still seen in its dishes with hints of cinnamon and freshly chopped coriander the east, and tomatoes and chillies the Americas.