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A tour of Morocco's music scene begins in Casablanca and includes Tangier, which is located at the tip of Africa across Spain, as well as the painted city of Chefchaouen.

G Diaries

G Diaries is Ms. Gina Lopez’s eco-travel show which will highlight the ecotourism sites in the Philippines. The show aims to inspire everyone with the stories of communities who are transformed being destroyers to defenders and protectors of the environment. It also covers everything about the inspiring and transformational travel stories showcasing the preservation and protection of our country's tourist gems.


Phil and Iva arrive at the most remote island yet: Pulau Sanding. On this uninhabited piece of paradise, they are attacked by sandflies, lose all communication, and Iva has her first breakdown of the trip. As they set sail, trouble continues and their engine fails. A stop in the curious city of Bengkulu allows them to rest and recover before continuing to fight their way against the wind and the waves. At last, they reach a wildlife protection area South of Sumatra they meet Maria, a conservation specialist who re-introduces conflict tigers into nature.


Phil and Iva anchor their boat Dali in the imposing and world-famous Krakatau volcanic site. They climb the active volcano and are rewarded with the most breathtaking scenery of their trip. A stop in the busy capital of Jakarta allows them to fix their engine before setting sail for the island of Belitung.

Tour Group Season 1

The journey concludes in Tokyo in the Season 1 finale. Also: The men release aggression in a karate class; Jetta gets miffed having to wear traditional Geisha gear; and a ladies' night spins out of control when frustrations spill out on the streets.

Lifestyle Shorts

1-5 minuter short programs consisting of various lifestyle interests such as food, travel, events and crafts.

Hollywood News Feed

Walk with the stars on the red carpet every week as Hollywood News Feed takes you front and center into the world of glitz, glamour and entertainment! With every episode shot in high-definition, we want to know: Are you ready for your close-up? News Feed utilizes exclusive archival and paparazzi footage with high production values that keep viewers tuned-in and salivating for more! 

Fitness First Class

Fitness First Class” is the highest quality series in the fitness genre ever produced. Each episode is shot in magnificent locations as Camps Bay in South Africa, the Riviera in Croatia, a luxury resort in Crete, the island of Ibiza in Spain and so on... The trainers on camera are all very experimented professionals. They are also very good looking, which is always a plus for your audience.

The Kitchen

We're throwing a surprise baby shower for Marcela Valladolid on this episode of The Kitchen! We'll share our tips for hosting all kinds of special family celebrations and Marcela makes a perfect party main dish with her puff pastry-wrapped salmon. We're putting together creative new ideas for DIY hostess gifts, and Katie Lee and Sunny Anderson have two delicious and time-saving rice side dishes.