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Masterchef Season 8

The MasterChef kitchen opens once again! Aarón Sánchez joins Gordon and Christina as a judge. However, it will look a little different this time around!

Curiosity Got the Chef Season 6

Chef Sharwin Tee lets his curiosity drive him towards unfamiliar territories to explore quirky and yummy dishes in one full hour of exciting food finds in and out of the kitchen. On Season 6 of Curiosity Got The Chef, Chef Sharwin lives out his fantasy of packing his bags and going off to live, eat and cook like a local.

Rick Stein's Long Weekend

To round off his ten-part series, Rick Stein visits the fascinating city of Palermo in northern Sicily. Like a vibrant carpet the city is patterned with echoes of Arab, North African, French, Spanish and Italian influences making its cuisine unique and irresistible.

Lifestyle Shorts

1-5 minuter short programs consisting of various lifestyle interests such as food, travel, events and crafts.

Hollywood News Feed

Walk with the stars on the red carpet every week as Hollywood News Feed takes you front and center into the world of glitz, glamour and entertainment! With every episode shot in high-definition, we want to know: Are you ready for your close-up? News Feed utilizes exclusive archival and paparazzi footage with high production values that keep viewers tuned-in and salivating for more! 

Fitness First Class

Fitness First Class” is the highest quality series in the fitness genre ever produced. Each episode is shot in magnificent locations as Camps Bay in South Africa, the Riviera in Croatia, a luxury resort in Crete, the island of Ibiza in Spain and so on... The trainers on camera are all very experimented professionals. They are also very good looking, which is always a plus for your audience.

Martha Stewart Bakes Season 2

Follow along as Martha shares her expertise on how to make three lovely celebration cakes, including a four-layer génoise cake with passionfruit buttercream, an orange-almond cake with Italian meringue buttercream piping, and an unforgettable chocolate-rum roulade.

Martha Stewart Bakes Season 2

Have you ever made a tart at home? Join Martha as she shares her secrets for making this simple and delicious dessert in four variations. First, she demonstrates an apple tart tatin — an upside down caramelized apple tart — with a pâte brisée crust. She then shows you how to make a chewy chess tart with a cookie crust, lemon meringue tartlets, and min rhubarb and raspberry galettes.