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The Food That We Are

Delves into how trade relations with China and the Spanish colonization influence added their own cultural nuances to staple Filipino dishes.

Chasing Flavors

Filipino artist and chef goes around the Philippines chasing the different flavors of distincltly Filipino dishes.

Casa Daza

Cooking Show featuring easy to do, no fail recipes that have been tried and tested in the Casa Daza kitchen.

Booze Traveler

Mayan tailgating, a field trip to the underworld, and a drink with a god.

Booze Traveler

Dueling dragons, cobra wine, drunken Kung Fu, and beers fit for kings.

The Doctors

“Throwback Thursday and Dr. Lisa Masterson is BACK! A Teen is Scarred by a Brutal Crime; Shocking Beauty Trends Revealed; Gwyneth Paltrow says ‘You’re Peeing Wrong’, Is She Right?”