Most memorable 'Kimmy Dora' lines that you could apply in real life

Toff Cagape | Jul 03, 2018
'Kimmy Dora' most memorable lines
Image Credit: Star Cinema

"Kimmy Dora" remains to be one of the most popular comedy movies of modern cinema. The film catapulted Eugene Domingo as a certified box office comedy star. It earned the approval of movie critics and paved the way for Eugene to make a lasting mark in the local movie industry.

Directed by Joyce Bernal, “Kimmy Dora” was Eugene's launching movie. The actress played the role of twins Kimmy and Dora Go Dong Hae, whose personalities are enormously different from one another. Eugene's performance in the movie was massively praised. Aside from the performance of the main star and the rest of the cast, the script written by Chris Martinez also earned commendations from moviegoers. The film also served some of the most memorable quotes in local cinema.

Now let us take a trip down memory lane and take a look at some of the most iconic lines in “Kimmy Dora,” which you could actually apply in real life.


1. When someone courts you but you are still not sure yet if he is the one.

“I’ll look into it. I’ll get back to you on that. I’ll give you an update.” – Kimmy


2. When you are trying to compete with the top student in your class

“Kaya kong gayahin ‘yung kasungitan niya pero ‘yung pagka-smart niya? Baka mag-overheat ang utak ko.” - Dora


3. When someone doesn't love you back when you almost got everything.

“Ano bang ayaw mo sa akin? Nai-insecure ka ba dahil maganda ako, mayaman, successful in every way? - Kimmy


4. When you are talking to your ex.

“So what if I said thank you? Do you think I meant it? Get lost! Go to hell! - Kimmy


5. When you are trying to lose weight but you just can't help but keep on eating.

“Work out nang work out, hindi naman pumapayat" – Luisito


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