Devy Pacturayan | Aug 18, 2017
Because that's what friends are for!

Ever used the phrases “squad goals” or “friendship goals”? If yes, then you have yourself the perfect set of friends you can spend fun talks, unplanned trips and even sleepless night chats and convos with anytime, anywhere.

Friends make every day brighter. They are treasure to one’s life. They know you better than anyone else, your likes and dislikes, fashion style, all time go-to music and movie even your meanest and darkest secrets, they got that covered! And you know they will stick with you and be with you all the way.  

To find out if your squad has what it takes to be a friendship goal, here is a list of 5 Things Your Friends Won’t Let You Do Alone.


#1 Food and Café Crawling

If there’s one thing friends love to do – It’s EATING!

Food Parks and Cafés are given hits to a lot of millennial squads. It’s a luxury nowadays.

But, what still remains the hardest question to answer whenever you’re with friends is “Saan tayo kakain?”. It takes hours and hours before a final decision comes up. And when it does, the next question is “Anong kakain mo?”. --- Funny, YES! Because it really happens.

The nice thing about this though is no one is left out. Every single one eats. When one is hungry, all are there to support that friend.

And of course, let us not forget the group selfies and delicious looking, mouth-watering Instagram worthy food pictures before eating – a ritual no one must not forget!


#2 Planning Best Pranks Ever!

Funny thing about friends is even how hard jokes are they just laugh it out. Like what they say “Pag inaasar ka nang inaasar, TRUE FRIEND yan!”

There will always be a prankster in the group together with his minions making sure the plan is flawlessly executed and let us not forget the victim friend – the clueless and naïve friend.

Long-time friends make the meanest pranks and jokes ever. One look and up of a brow they would know what to do. Friends think alike, they have same humor wavelength. And every silly witty prank lives a lifetime.

#3 Hanging out at the all-time “tambayan”

8pm group conversation: “Let’s meet up. You know where.”

All group of friends have their go to place to hang out and chill in. May it be at the metro or simply a friend’s house. It’s the place they consider the shelter of their friendship, where almost all memories happened.

That’s why hanging out there all by yourself is worthless. You will only feel a separation anxiety remembering all fun moments and what could possibly happen if rather being there alone, you called your friends. Think of the thousand random things you can talk and do together, sky is the limit!

Having a spot to hang out is also an easy access for everyone especially at emergency meet ups like when one is feeling down and friends are there to the rescue.

 Which leads us to point #4.

#4 Spending a day crying over problem

Fun and spontaneous trips, escapades and meet ups make friendship fonder but problems and sudden complications make friendship stronger.

You know you have true friends when even in your down days, they’re a call away. No long explanations needed, they will rush to you and ready to be your crying shoulder.

They will let you rant or cry all you want. But at the end of the day, they make sure you are able to stand again, stronger than ever. For friends always got each other’s back that’s what friends are for!

#5 Taking a Time Off to watch a highly acclaimed film

Reunion with friends is the best feeling ever! It’s feels like years when you last saw each other, but sarcastically it was only days ago.

There are a lot of stories to tell. Gossips to share and new trends to talk about. And one example of which is the first ever Pista Pelikulang Pilipino. A film festival wherein, Hamog, a film by Ralston Jover is a part of.

If an award winning and internationally acclaimed film like this was shared to you by a friend then you must not let that friend to watch it alone. Tag along with the experience cause why not? A barkada film like, Hamog is a must watch.  

It depicts the true meaning of friendship. All aspects of it.  

So, if you consider your squad a friendship goal, Go and see Hamog this August 16 -22 in selected theaters nationwide.