Catch these exciting movies on "Blockbuster Sunday" block this November

Toff Cagape | Nov 02, 2018
Blockbuster Sunday block movies
So Connected, Throwback Today, Midnight University

This November, Cinema One channel has prepared an exciting movie lineup for your family to enjoy. Every Sunday at 7PM on the channel's "Blockbuster Sunday" block, be enthralled and entertained by watching these flicks that tackle the story of love, heartache, fantasy and horror.

November 4 

Movie: Midnight University (Dubbed In Tagalog)
Lead Stars:  Rasri Balenciaga, Maythinee Booranasiri, Metanee Buranasiri
Director: Mahalai Tiang Kuen

This Thai movie tells the story of a certain university which has been rumored to have a class filled with spirits of students who died before they managed to graduate. To help these spirits move on, a special class is created so that the spirits can graduate and go to heaven. Things get even stranger and funnier when six human students enrolled into the class. 

Prepare to laugh and be scared when you watch this film. 

November 11

Movie: Ang Larawan
Lead Stars: Paulo Avelino, Joanna Ampil, Rachel Alejandro
Director:  Loy Arcenas

This story set before World War II in Intramuros tells of the plight of sisters Candida and Paula Marasigan, daughters of high-profile painter Don Lorenzo Marasigan. The movie is based on the 1997 stage play Larawan of Nick Joaquin. The fim received 5 awards during the Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night including Best Picture. 

November 18

Movie: Throwback Today
Lead Stars: Carlo Aquino, Empress Shuck, Annicka Dolonius
Director: Joseph Teoxon

"Throwback Today" is a Philippine independent science fiction film which tells the story of Primo who is gifted with a good eye for production design and ventures into the working world with a great desire to succeed. Unprepared for the harsh realities of the real world, Primo experienced failure, heartbreak and regret in a series of unfortunate events. While trying to make ends meet at the peak of his misfortunes, he experiences a technological glitch with his old desktop computer and gets a chance to re-write his life.

November 25

Movie: So Connected
Lead Stars: Janella Salvador, Jameson Blake
Director: Jason Paul Laxamana

The film tells the story of Trisha (Janella Salvador) who is a struggling waitress who buys a cellphone from a black market seller. and Karter (Jameson Blake), a love-starved boy who uses a cloud-based media-storing app to spy on his stolen cellphone’s buyer, Trisha. Karter proceeds to locate her through the various clues he gathers from the media she unknowingly shares to him. When their paths finally cross, Trisha feels she ridiculously has a lot of things in common with Karter that she somehow believes they are connected as soulmates. This movie was the first partnership of Janella and Jameson.