You can now watch these C1 Originals Film Festival movies on iWant

Toff Cagape | Nov 23, 2018
C1 Originals movies
Cinema One Originals movies

The entertainment industry continues to evolve and constantly adapts new technology to further elevate the viewing experience of the Filipino viewers. Fueled with the ambition to produce unique movies that would break new grounds and feature shows that would transform the entertainment landscape, an all new iWant app was launched this month. Part of the roster of incredible movies now featured on iWant are the Cinema One Originals films that tell stories of love, pain, victory, defeat and acceptance.

Catch these Cinema One Originals movies in your next iWant viewing time:

Changing Partners


Lead Stars:  Agot Isidro, Jojit Lorenzo, Sandino Martin, and Anna Luna

Director: Dan Villegas

Background: The movie tells the story of couple Alex and Cris who are at the brink of breaking up. It also shows the story of 4 relationship variations. The movie bagged various awards at the Cinema One Originals Film Festival including Best Director, Best Music, Best Actor for Jojit Lorenzo, Best Actress for Agot Isidro, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Editing, Audience Choice Award, and the Champion Bughaw Award.


Lead Stars: JC de Vera, Nathalie Hart, Joel Torre

Director: Borgy Torre

Background: The movie features the world of a semi-pro basketball, wherein a beautiful bookie recruits a promising player to the underworld of game-fixing.

Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria

Lead Stars:  Donna Gimeno, Gregg Tecson, Lucia Juezan

Director: Remton Siega Zuasola

Background: The movie tells the story of Terya, a simple island girl who is about to leave her home to marry a foreigner. She is persuaded by her mother to marry to get them out of their debts and to give her little sister a brighter future. Her journey eventually starts a series of events and introduces certain characters that will affect her decision to stay or go. It was part of the 2010 Cinema One Originals Film Festival.

Ang Paglalakbay ng mga Bituin sa Gabing Madilim

Director: Arnel Mardoquio

Lead Stars: Fe GingGing Hyde, Glorypearl Dy, Irish Karl Monsanto

Background: The movie tells the story of a young boy named Faidal, who loses his parents when they were killed after being involved in a kidnapping for ransom. The bag full of dollars was passed on to Faidal after his mother died. With a band of American and local troops looking for him, the orphan boy made the great escape from their home to look for some place safe. He then vows to seek revenge for his parents’ death.The movie was part of the Cinema One Originals Film Festival in 2012. Arnel Mardoquio won the Special Jury prize during the festival.

That Thing Called Tadhana

Lead Stars: Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman

Director: Antoinette Jadaone

Background: The movie tells the story of a woman who is struggling to meet airline baggage requirements and meets a man who comes to her aid. Both in despair out of love, they form a charming friendship that will take them to Sagada in their attempts to mend each other’s hearts.The movie was part of the Cinema One Originals Film Festival in 2014. The film bagged the Audience Award, Champion Bughaw Award, and Best Actress award for Angelica Panganiban during the festival.

2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten

Lead Stars: Khalil Ramos, Ethan Salvador, Jameson Blake

Director: Petersen Vargas

Background: The film depicts the coming-of-age story of Felix, a friendless and smart high school sophomore, who lives in post-lahar Pampanga in the late 1990s. His life takes a turn after the two new half-American students, the Snyder brothers, Magnus and Maxim, transfer to his school. It was part of the Cinema One Originals Film Festival in 2016. It won Best Picture, Best Cinematography and Best Supporting Actor for Jameson Blake.

Ang Babaeng Humayo

Lead Stars: Charo Santos-Concio and John Lloyd Cruz

Director: Lav Diaz

Background: The movie tells the story of Horacia Somorostro who was released in 1997 after being imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. Even though she reunited with her daughter, she also learns that her husband is now deceased and her son is missing. Only one thing remains unchanged - the power and privilege of the elite. She then begins to exact revenge against the people who have done her wrong. It was part of the 2016 Cinema One Originals Film Festival.

Baka Bukas

Lead Stars: Jasmine Curtis, Louise de los Reyes, Kate Alejandrino

Director: Samantha Lee

Background: The movie tells the story of Alex, a twenty-something year old creative based in Manila. She is “out” to most people except her best friend - Jess who she has been secretly in love with. When Jess discovers the truth about Alex, they are forced to confront the feelings they have for each other. The movie was part of the Cinema One Originals Film Festival in 2016. It bagged various awards like the Audience Award, Best Actress award for Jasmine Curtis, and Best Sound.


Lead Stars: Zaijian Jaranilla, Therese Malvar, Samuel Quintana

Director: Ralston Jover

Background: The movie tells the story of four street children whose world is about to be turned upside down and inside out. It depicts the reality that life begins where innocence ends. The movie was part of the Cinema One Originals Film Festival in 2015. It received awards like the Best Actress award for Therese Malvar, Best Supporting Actor for Bon Andrew Lentejas, Best Editing, and the Special Jury Prize.


Lead Stars: Shamaine Buencamino, Maria Isabel Lopez, Raquel Villavicencio 

Director: Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

Background: The movie is a midlife comedy drama of a woman's romantic life - a story of being alone, growing old, looking for love, and moving on. It tells the story of Lorna, who is already in her 60's and finds an online lover and an old flame. The movie was part of the 2014 Cinema One Originals Film Festival. The film won the Best Supporting Actress for Maria Isabel Lopez.

Mater Dolorosa

Lead Stars: Gina Alajar, Carlo Aquino, Alessandra de Rossi

Director: Adolfo Alix Jr. (as Adolfo Borinaga Alix Jr.)

Background: The movie tells the story of Lourdes Lagrimas who is the godmother of all illegal activities in a small district. She runs the business – carnapping, illegal gambling and drugs with her children. As the new year comes, the City Mayor launches an anti-vice campaign putting the Lagrimas’ in peril. The movie was part of the Cinema One Originals Film Festival in 2012.


Lead Stars: Jessy Mendiola, JC de Vera, Barbie Capacio

Director: Sherad Anthony Sanchez

Background: The new movie tells the story of a news team investigating rumors of aswang killings in a remote barrio, who are attacked by a group of soldiers, forcing them to run for their lives in the deeps of the forest, where more mystery and danger lay in wait. It was part of the special screening feature of Cinema One Originals Film Festival in 2015.


Lead Stars: Yeng Constantino, Felix Roco, Matthew Valeña |

Stars: Yeng Constantino, Felix Roco, Matthew Valeña |

Background:  The movie the tells the story of Estela Alano, a free-spirited, former student-activist, and veteran call center agent who begins to lose all sense of motivation to work at her BPO company as her friends fall victim to layoffs caused by a business merger. On the brink of resignation, she is assigned to be mentored by Trevor, an openly-gay senior agent. As they grow closer, Estela senses an offbeat connection between them – one that results into developing romantic feelings for her gay friend.

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