Catch FPJ's movies on "Cinema One" Masters every Wednesday

Toff Cagape | Dec 12, 2018
Cinema One Masters movies
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Dubbed as “Da King” of Philippine cinema, Fernando Poe Jr. entertained the Filipino viewers with his action-packed and heart-wrenching movies. The actor was truly an icon of the movie industry and brought so much color and warmth to the world of entertainment with his stellar portrayals. FPJ broke new grounds during his time and aside from acting he also directed some of his most popular movies. This December, Cinema One is putting the spotlight on FPJ’s movies. Every Wednesday at 9PM this month, his movies will be featured on “Cinema One Masters.” Prepare for a thrilling and amazing ride while watching the movies of the one and only “Da King.” Check out the schedule below:


December 15   


Lead Stars: Fernando Poe Jr. and Elizabeth Oropesa

Director: Fernando Poe Jr. as Ronwaldo Reyes

The movie tells the story of fisherman Gomer (Fernando Poe Jr.) who sails out to the open sea in search of a better catch. Gomer’s mother Binay, who predicts with her cards of a great storm that will bring death, tries to stop the fishermen. Out in the sea, the fishermen encounter pirates led by Odessa (Elizabeth Oropesa) who takes them prisoners. The pirates converge with other pirates led by Antigo (Max Alvarado) and Anisado (Paquito Diaz) who have women prisoners to be sold to Digo (Vic Diaz). Gomer sneaks to the island to free the men but they are caught with Gomer. Odessa falls in love with Gomer who requests that his friends be released. But jealous Antigo and Anisado tail them back to the village where they massacre the villagers and take Gomer and Odessa to Digo prisoners. Digo makes Antigo, Anisado and Gomer compete for Odessa. Gomer wins and tells Odessa to run for the fort where they will fight.


December 12


Lead Stars: Fernando Poe Jr. and Max Alvarado

Director:  Fernando Poe Jr. as Ronwaldo Reyes

Blacksmith Flavio (Fernando Poe Jr.) is a slave of Don Felizardo (Max Alvarado) with the resentful job of marking new slaves with hot iron. Nobody escapes the island guarded by soldiers under cruel Pilo (Paquito Diaz) and a powerful witch doctor who lives on top of a rock at the shore. From the old blacksmith Temyong (Lito Anzures), Flavio learns that legend says a black book holds the secret to their freedom. But the black-book cannot be found until an earthquake unravels it hidden at the roots of an old tree. According to the black book, a meteorite should be mixed with Flavio’s blood to be fashioned into a dagger that Flavio alone can use to defeat and kill the evil 300 year old immortal Lizardo.


December 19        


Lead Stars: Fernando Poe Jr. and Max Alvarado

Director: Fernando Poe Jr. as Ronwaldo Reyes

The film tells the story of midwife Bruhilda (Rosemarie Gil) uses her malevolent power to resurrect Lizardo (Max Alvarado) to be her ally against their arch enemy, blacksmith Flavio (Fernando Poe). Flavio and old Temyong (Lito Anzures) are pummeled by a gale which Temyong learns from his black book is a sign that Lizardo has been resurrected by Bruhilda. Flavio and Temyong set out to find Lizardo but they encounter the guards of Wanda (Lilian Laing), a tyrant woman who enslaves villagers to feed to her pet lizard monsters which later devour her. Flavio is thought to have been killed by Wanda’s water monster but in truth has been found unconscious by human hawks who help him recover. Bruhilda’s daughter Elena (Tina Revilla) is one of Wanda’s slaves who is enthralled by Flavio’s exploits and sides with Flavio to vanquish Bruhilda. Flavio defeats Lizardo’s army of swordsmen and the powerless Lizardo tries to flee but the human hawks kill him.


December 26


Lead Stars: Fernando Poe Jr., Eddie Garcia and Monica Herrera

Policewoman Sonia (Monica Herrera) worries about her Chief of Police husband, Lt. Guerrero (Fernando Poe Jr.), after their police friend Ipe (Philip Gamboa) was killed at the check point. Lt. Guerrero is ambushed while walking to work and the shots are heard by Sonia who rushes to his rescue but is wounded by a dying gunman. Guerrero learns the gunmen are from Manila and suspects they are sent by Judge Valderama (Eddie Garcia) who is in prison awaiting trial for the charges made by Lt. Guerrero. Valderama and his co-accused Paquito (Paquito Diaz) are acquitted that Lt. Guerrero sends a wreath on Valderama’s birthday and a coffin while Valderama is in a meeting with his criminal business partners. Guerrero abducts Valderama’s lawyer and coerces him to lead him to Valderama’s hideout. Lt. Guerrero kills Paquito then buries Valderama alive in an empty tomb.