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Toff Cagape | Dec 07, 2018
Claudine Barretto's restored movies
Claudine Barretto's restored movies

Claudine Barretto made a mark among the hearts of many Filipinos with her amazing portrayals in her movies. Dubbed as the “Optimum Star,” Claudine’s outstanding performance as an actress has shaped the entertainment industry and paved the way for the transformation of the film community in previous years. This December, let us take a look back on some of her most iconic movies that will will truly make you smile, cry and feel different emotions in between. Catch her movies every Sunday at 9PM on Cinema One. 

December 2


Lead Stars: Claudine Barretto, Rico Yan and Diether Ocampo

Director: Wenn V. Deramas

The film tells the story of Mela (Claudine Barretto), who is a daring, vivacious campus beauty, often misunderstood and misjudged by many who assume she is a playgirl. Truth is that when Mela is in love, she goes after her man with shameless resolve and loves him with all faithfulness and steadfastness of her heart. After Mela breaks off with her boyfriend Ryan (Diether Ocampo), she sets her eyes on Miguel (Rico Yan), a complete opposite of her character. Miguel is straight as a rod, very proper and the president of their student council. Mela tries everything in her bag; she flirts with him to capture his heart. But just when she wins his love, her reputation is ruined by a maliciously and covertly taken videotape. Will Miguel stand by her?


December 9


Lead Stars: Claudine Barretto and Piolo Pascual

Director: Olivia M. Lamasan

The film touches on the plight of overseas Filipino workers in Italy.  In Milan, Lino (Piolo Pascual) ventures to find his missing wife and meets Jenny (Claudine Barretto), a shrewd, hardworking young woman who makes herself invulnerable from emotional baggage.  Jenny assists Lino until he can stand on his own and the two eventually fall in love. They lived together happily until Jenny’s brother arrives and ruins everything, causing them to split apart. Will there be a chance for a make up?

The movie received numerous awards and nominations including the Best Actor and Best Actress awards for Piolo Pascual and Claudine Barretto respectively at the FAMAS Awards in 2005. It also received various nominations from FAMAS, FAP Awards and Gawad Urian Awards in 2005.


December 16              


Lead Stars: Claudine Barretto, Rico Yan and Diether Ocampo

Director: Wenn V. Deramas

Via (Claudine Barretto), the only daughter of Don Fernando (Juan Rodrigo), was raised as his darling princess. On her eighteenth birthday, she found out that her father has promised her hand in marriage to her childhood friend, Michael (Diether Ocampo), and before the birthday party was over, she got kidnapped. She was rescued by a good Samaritan named Gabriel (Rico Yan), whom she fell in love with. As the story unfolds, Via ended up having to decide between the two men in her life, while learning more about her mother Magda (Jaclyn Jose) and fighting off her evil aunt Selina (Princess Punzalan).


December 23


Lead Stars: Claudine Barretto and Aga Muhlach

Director: Rory B. Quintos

The movie tells the story of New York gourmet chef Carl Diesta (Aga Muhlach) who comes home to the land and region he abhors for the painful memories it brings, in preparation for his forthcoming wedding to Criselda Duran (Rizza Mananquil-Samson), his restless international model fiancée he seldom sees. He is welcomed and entertained by her entire family, except for his overbearing future father-in-law Rogelio Duran (Johnny Delgado) who shabbily treats his daughter Lena (Claudine Barretto) like a servant. Though smart, Lena was deprived of further education for the unfair reason that she was foolish to have fallen in love with Abel (Jericho Rosales), an NPA rebel. Carl denies he is from the region though the surname he bears is well known in Sorsogon.  There are things in his past Carl wants to erase in his mind that he even refuses to eat spicy food cooked in coconut milk until Carl gets a taste of Lena’s recipes. Carl in turn shows off his kitchen expertise to Lena. The long delay in Criselda’s arrival from Milan ripens the friendship of Carl and Lena into love.    

The film received numerous awards including the Best Screenplay, Best Story, Best Production Design and Best Movie Theme Song at FAMAS Awards in 2003.


December 30            


Lead Stars: Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan

Director: Olivia M. Lamasan

The movie tells the story of Toni (Claudine Barretto), a wedding planner and perennial bridesmaid, is turning 25 and afraid of becoming an old maid. Photographer Lorenz (Rico Yan), a non-marrying kind, arranges blind dates to help her find the right man.  Two opposites are drawn to each other and feelings develop. Like magic, they find themselves in each other’s arms.

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