It’s all about “Girl Power” on Cinema One’s “Friday Action” block this December

Toff Cagape | Dec 14, 2018
Girl Power on Friday Action
"Girl Power" on "Friday Action"

This December, Cinema One is highlighting women empowerment by featuring movies filled with “girl power” on its “Friday Action” block. Watch as Cynthia Luster, Pokwang, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Marian Rivera and other actresses showcase their action-packed moves in their respective hit films. Check out their movies every Friday at 10PM.


DEC 07             


Lead Stars: Cynthia Luster and Lito Lapid

Director: Francis Posadas

The movie tells the story of murdered Japanese businessman Akira Nakamoto who asked the help of his friend police Col. Narvasa after suspecting that his stuff toy factory is being used for the smuggling of locally made guns to Japan. Akira’s daughter Jane (Cynthia Luster), a martial arts expert, trusts her father’s partner Albert (Bob Soler) like her own father. She comes to Cebu to take over her late father’s company and on the way she meets Daniel (Lito Lapid), a Manila cop on an unofficial investigation and believes that the death of his adopted father Col. Narvasa has a Cebu connection. Daniel’s investigation stirs up the hornet’s nest that leads to Albert as the mastermind of the gun smuggling syndicate.


DEC 14              


Lead Stars: Pokwang, Vhong Navarro and Mariel Rodriguez

Director: Joyce Bernal

All his life, King (Vhong Navarro) wanted to be an agent like his godfather, Tony Falcon (Tony Ferrer), the original Agent X44. However, the bosses at the National Venue for Investigation deem him unworthy to succeed his godfather as the next Agent X44. When the bolo of Lapu-Lapu gets stolen from the Mactan Museum, the mission of retrieving it fails on his hands. It is his best one chance to prove to the world that even the most unexpected person can become the best agent in history.


DEC 21


Lead Stars: Ai-Ai de las Alas and Marian Rivera

Director: Onat Diaz

The movie tells the story of Charlotte who is a veteran beauty queen aspirant from a small village in the Philippines. She belongs to a family of beauty queens and her mother tries to employ all the trick she knows to make Charlotte win this year in their village's annual beauty pageant, "Hiyas ng Dalampasigan". However, a drop-dead gorgeous beauty, named Samantha, joins the contest from out of nowhere and thwarts Charlotte's chances. The two contestants engage in an ultimate battle, inside and outside the pageant premises but is stopped by a mysterious half-naked hunk named Kojic Acid, who saves them from a band of assassins.  


DEC 28             


Lead Stars: Arci Muñoz, Jessy Mendiola and Coleen Garcia

Director: Chris Martinez

"Extra Service” is a film that mixes action and comedy into one sexy package. The movie is about three ex-convicts, who after prison finds themselves working as massage therapists leading double lives as secret agents. The three leads "Aw", "Em," and "Gee" are played by three of the most talented actresses of their generation, Jessy Mendiola, Coleen Garcia and Arci Munoz. Their love interests are three of the youngest heartthrobs in the business - Enzo Pineda, Vin Abrenica, and Ejay Falcon.