CINEMANEWS: James talks about his "Ferrari surprise" for Nadine on her birthday

Toff Cagape | Nov 22, 2018
James Reid on Nadine Lustre's birthday
Image Credit: James Reid's Instagram account

Having been in the industry for years, James Reid and Nadine Lustre remarked that they are no longer bothered by issues being thrown at them.

“I don’t really care about issues. What's important is we're okay. It's nice because we don't have a lot of stuff to worry about now. We have more time to work on other things,” Nadine said in an interview with Cinemanews.

James added, “I’m not worried about [issues]. I’m focused now on music which is something I am passionate about.”

Meanwhile, James was asked regarding his “Ferrari surprise” for Nadine on her birthday. The actor clarified that he just borrowed the Ferrari which he showed to Nadine to make her birthday more exciting that time.  “I have a friend and he owed me a favor that’s why I asked him if I could borrow a Ferrari. It wasn’t a gift. It’s a surprise, something to make the night crazy,” James said.

Nadine said that she was really in awe when James showed up driving a Ferrari.  “I was surprised. I’m such a huge fan of sports cars,” the actress said.