Edu Manzano's action movies

Be at the edge of your seats with Edu Manzano's classic action movies

Filipino actions films conquered the Philippine cinema in the 80’s and 90’s. Guns and goons were regular fixtures on the big screen many years ago. Filipinos once loved the feeling of being at the edge of their seats as their favorite action star chased the villain. Cinema One is bringing that nosta

Toff Cagape | Jul 26, 2018
Regal Classics

Take a look back at the most iconic Regal films on Cinema One

“Regal Classics” block on Cinema One features the most iconic and popular Regal films of the past. This block pays tribute to the films that once shape the cinema experience of the Filipino moviegoers through thought-provoking, heartwarming and gut-wrenching stories.

Toff Cagape | Jul 24, 2018