Cinema One Originals

Go after the crooks of the society with Cinema One Originals

Every Wednesdays of July on Cinema One Originals is a time to watch thought-provoking stories about corruption and crimes in the community. The Cable Channel brings you these award winning films, which talk about political and social issues every midweek at 11:00 PM. Better be ready to know the dark

Toff Cagape | Jul 19, 2018
Star Cinema Primetime

Cinema One devotes to love in all forms with Star Cinema Primetime

These last two weeks of Star Cinema Primetime will put you in bed of roses as Cinema One features every kind love we all aspire. Every 7:00 PM daily, the channel will give doses of love for a new friend, partner, family, and exes, right through your screens. Call your friends, family and lovers, gra

Toff Cagape | Jul 19, 2018