CINEMANEWS: Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino share reason on agreeing to do ‘Glorious’

Carlo Landrito | Nov 12, 2018
Tony and Angel on 'Glorious'
Image Credit: @dreamscapedigital Instagram

Tony Labrusca shared the reason why he said yes to do the online movie “Glorious.” In an interview with Cinemanews, the actor relayed that knowing Angel Aquino would star in the film was a major factor why he agreed to be part of the project.

“I knew it was Angel's story, I knew that this would be the pioneer of digital movies and I knew it was under sir Deo (Endrinal) so it was such an honor that they even thought of me so how could you say no to that?,” he said.

Meanwhile, Angel admitted that she was hesitant at first if she would do the movie but later on realized that it was a good opportunity to showcase a different side of her.

“I would have to admit in the beginning siyempre reluctant ako kasi I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do something so bold pero iniisip ko baka dumating siya sa tamang oras in my life. You cannot say no to opportunity. It is such a golden opportunity,” Angel said.

She added that even though she was still not confident about her figure, she decided to star in the film. “I’m not in my perfect shape right now but this is what the movie is all about - no body-shaming, no age-shaming, so tanggapin ko ito,” she said.

Tony and Angel’s intimate scenes in the movie made the online world abuzz. Asked if how she prepared for the scene, the actress shared,  “Uminom ako ng wine isang bote [para sa] first scene namin because I have to relax myself because it was cold and I didn’t know kung papaano niya (Tony) tatanggapin and how he will connect with me.”

"Glorious" revolves around the story of a May-December affair. Tony personally believed that love knows no age. “In my opinion these days it’s really so hard to find love that’s why so many people don’t resort to that boundary of within your age. That's why if they feel that hindi na sila nakaka-relate sa age nila pupumunta na sila sa mas matanda. It is really all about finding that connection with that somebody.”