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Around the World in 80 Days with Manu Feildel

On his first stop after London, Manu arrives in Dubai, he has lined up some work in exchange for his accommodation. Will his VIP Emirate guests enjoy the experience? Manu is quick to dig up as much culinary experience in Dubai, so he sets off to the spice souk, fish markets, and a local pastry kitchen, before having a splurge on an experience of a lifetime in the desert, with food never far the scene. Then its onto India and a challenging train journey.

Chasing Flavors

Filipino artist and chef goes around the Philippines chasing the different flavors of distinctly Filipino dishes.

John Torode's Korean Food Tour

John heads into the Korean countryside amongst thousands of clay pots, still used to make and store South Korea’s main store cupboard ingredients, of soy, gochuchang, chilli paste and the soybean paste known as doenjang. Chef Seri Myung Hyun-ji shows him how the pastes are made and matured in their classic onggi pots.

Lifestyle Shorts

1-5 minuter short programs consisting of various lifestyle interests such as food, travel, events and crafts.

Hollywood News Feed

Walk with the stars on the red carpet every week as Hollywood News Feed takes you front and center into the world of glitz, glamour and entertainment! With every episode shot in high-definition, we want to know: Are you ready for your close-up? News Feed utilizes exclusive archival and paparazzi footage with high production values that keep viewers tuned-in and salivating for more!

The Ladies Paradise

Set amidst the Victorian splendour of Britain’s first department store, The Paradise is a rags-to-riches story of a young girl who falls in love with the intoxicating charms of the modern world. As Denise finds her feet as a lowly shopgirl, she must navigate her way through power struggles, intrigues and affairs. When the shop’s dashing and reckless owner, John Moray, spots her talents she knows she can use this opportunity to rise to great things. Through sexy, episodic stories driven by romance and glamour, this series creates a world as colourful and captivating as the silks on display in the store. This is a love story, a story of ambition and progress, with a mysterious, dark secret at its heart.